About Mark Kinslow

Mark Kinslow, a New York Times best-selling reader, is an aspiring author and general manager of two mediocre fantasy football teams. Combining his bachelor's degree in Leadership (yup, that’s a major), decade of experience as a data analyst, and passion for self-improvement, Mark is looking to bring the world some data-driven, action-oriented, and occasionally comical self-help literature. 

The 7 Key Things to Know About Mark

Hello! I am Mark Kinslow, and if you want to learn more about me and see what has influenced my writing, then keep on reading!

1. Family Man

Above all else, I love my family. I have an amazing wife, an adorable son, and a crazy puppy, all of which mean the world to me. I also have parents, a brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a lot of close friends that I consider to be family, and I deeply cherish each one of these relationships. The more I have invested in these relationships over the years, the more I have realized just how important of a role my friends and family play in my everyday happiness. I believe at the heart of our happiness and success are our relationships, and this is a key principle of my writing.

2. Philly Fan

Hopefully this does not turn too many readers away, but I am a Philadelphian at heart. I love a good cheesesteak, an Eagles win, and chance to mispronounce the word 'water'. It also means I am passionate, dedicated, and not afraid to shy away from some tough love because I want to see results. In my writing, I try to embrace a little bit of this Philly mentality by occasionally throwing in some tough love because I believe sometimes you need a little push if you want to make some changes and start taking action.

3. Data Nerd

There is nothing better in life than a good spreadsheet. For nearly a decade, I have worked as a data analyst for the federal government, and as nerdy as it sounds, I love working with data. In this role, I have learned how to take massive amounts of complex information and organize it into clear and actionable analyses. This invaluable skill has taken me far in my career, and now I want to use it to help others by writing data-driven and actionable self-help literature.

4. Roadie

No, although I love music and play the guitar very poorly, unfortunately I do not travel around the world with a cool rock band. However, I do love a good road trip. Over the years, I have driven several cross-country road trips hitting 34 states along the way with the hopes of eventually seeing all 50. I have been on road trips in Canada, Mexico, and Australia, and every single one of these adventures has been absolutely amazing. The reason I love road trips so much is because I love the journey just as much as the destination, and this philosophy is the heart of my writing. 

5. Adventurer

Whether it is something daring like bungee jumping or flying in a helicopter, something different like a sound bath or a sensory deprivation tank, or something challenging like writing and publishing a book, I am always up for a new experience. I am a firm believer in that growth and fulfilment are found in the unknown, so it is important to set goals and try new things that push you out of your comfort zone and into adventure.

6. Comedian

I love to make people laugh. Although it has gotten me in trouble more than a few times, I will make a joke in any situation because humor is a foundational component of who I am. I find being able to laugh at yourself or the situation tends to make life a lot more fun and rewarding, which is why I try to interject some humor in my writing. 

7. Work in Process

Whether it is learning how to be a better writer, better husband, better father, or better person, I know there will always be room for improvement. I do not have it all figured it out and I am certainly far from perfect, but perfection is not my goal. I simply want to keep an open mind so that I can keep growing as an individual. Although it has been tough, I have learned how to become more adaptable and willing to change, and this lesson has made a world of difference in my life. A big part of who I am and what drives my writing is the belief that we are all works in process with a lot of potential waiting to be discovered.